2024 FSC local rules

       FSC规则包含了通用规则、CV规则、EV规则、AV规则,其中通用规则、CV规则基于FSAE 2024进行修改,EV和AV规则基于FS规则进行修改,国际车队参加中国赛事需要按照中国规则进行设计和制造,并按时提交相关文件(SES、IAD等)

       FSC rules include general rules, CV rules, EV rules and AV rules, among which general rules and CV rules are modified based on FSAE 2024, while EV and AV rules are modified based on FS rules. International teams participating in Chinese events need to design and manufacture according to Chinese rules, and submit relevant documents (SES, IAD, etc.) on time.

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